General FAQs are below – please note that we have specific pages with FAQs and other information for Poultry and Red Meat

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Where is the abattoir

1447B Fulford Ganges Rd

Turn sharp left on entering the drive and follow the directions to dropoff or pickup.

The site is not open to the public. Tours will be arranged by appointment.

What regulatory requirements do I need to meet

  • Chicken Marketing Board – For a permit to grow up to 2000 chickens a year FOR SALE go to http://bcchicken.ca/industry-resources/forms.php. Please note that there is an exemption for small numbers of chickens grown for personal use, not for sale.
  • Turkey Marketing Board – for a permit to grow up to 300 turkeys a a year FOR SALE go to http://bcturkey.com/resources/direct-vendor-program.aspx. There is an exemption for small numbers for home consumption.
  • Animal ID Requirements
    • Sheep  – click here
    • Cattle – click here
    • Goats and pigs are not yet required to have a unique number for each animal. All animals brought to the abattoir should be tagged so that their ownership cannot be disputed.
    • Birds do not require individual identification. Each cage or trailer should be tagged with the owner’s name and number of birds.